Visiting the Old City of Jerusalem

Planning on a new family vacation? Consider going back to your roots, I recommend Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the only religious center sacred to people of all the three monotheistic religions- Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Religious pilgrims from nearly all countries of the world gather in this holy masterpiece and wonder its sites.

Old City walls of Jerusalem

What would a Jerusalem trip offer you? Visiting the Old City of Jerusalem will bring you to your knees as it takes you through its incredible traditional pathways. No city has ever been loved or fought for as this place has. Having previously been the capital of Judah, this holy city has been besieged by different forces approximately forty times. From the birth of the State of Israel in 1948 until 1967, the city remained divided into two parts. Nowadays, Jerusalem is a city of museums, art, culture and religion.  This city is now full of mystical attractiveness and offers you endless fascination. As the curiosity is probably starting to build on you, let’s get a sneak peek into what the old city has to offer us.


Upon arriving at the holy city, one can find a handful of breathtaking, thrilling religious destinations. One of the flag religious destinations you must see is the Temple Mount and its Western Wall. This holy Western Wall is the place of the old Jewish Temple, where Jews today go and put their wish notes inside the cracked walls.

Western Wall Jerusalem

If you’re going to go to Jerusalem anytime soon, begin making that wish list of yours! As Jerusalem is also the birthplace of Christianity, it is also their most sacred city, allowing you to take a walk inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. This amazing city, which gives every visitor a glance to the past, has definitely passed its hard times, with rulers of many different religions having tried to implement their religious beliefs.

Managing to find an affordable plan to Jerusalem used to be an almost impossible task, whereas today many tour operators in Israel are making this dream possible. So, if you have some free time in your hands and want to get an affordable glance at ancient times, consider taking an important visit to the old city of Jerusalem!

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