Touring the Holy Land – Akko

An important part of experiencing Israel is a visit to the old port city of Akko (Acre). Declared a UNESCO World heritage site this unique city is a mixture of ancient and modern where east and west meet and offering a wide variety of sites to be enjoyed by tourists as well as local visitors.

The very thick sandstone walls surrounding the old city pounded by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, have survived the centuries and the old city of Akko is an ideal location to stroll around soaking up the bountiful history left by the Crusaders as well as the Turks and the British as well as other various conquerors.

Ancient Sea Walls around Acre


There are so many sites to see while exploring the alleys; you will come across a Christian monastery, a very large mosque, an old inn as well as Turkish baths.  The Knights Templars built huge halls with an astonishing tunnel and many archeological discoveries.

Old Tunnel in Acre


You can visit the many churches and fascinating museums and then relax on the attractive beaches. Then visit the picturesque fishing port with a marina and a number of excellent restaurants serving freshly caught fish.
Amid the ancient alleyways of Akko there is a bustling open market and a variety of restaurants including one of the country’s most famous hummus restaurants.



When visiting Akko it is worthwhile visiting the Underground Prisoners Museum which is the place where the Jewish fighters were imprisoned during the British mandate and where several of them were executed..

A visit to Akko is highly recommended while touring the Holy Land.

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