The Galilee Region of Israel

Visitors to the Holy Land should not miss the opportunity of touring the beautiful Galilee mountainous region with its lovely landscapes and numerous Jewish and Christian historical holy sites. This fascinating area offers a large variety of touring and entertainment options.

Galilee region in North Israel

Christian pilgrims will find the area of particular importance as this is where Jesus had lived a large part of his adult life and performed his miracles, preached his lessons and ministered to the people. This area includes Nazareth where Jesus spent his childhood. Visitors can also travel further north to Mt. Tabor, the Sea of Galilee and the city of Tiberius. Boat trips are available across the Sea of Galilee to the Mount of the Beatitudes, the site of Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount. Other places of interest are Capernaum, Peter’s home town and Tabgha where Jesus restored Peter. Also visit the place on the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized.

Old Synagogue in Capernaum
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Due to the fertile soil and profuse water supply in the area the region has been quite heavily populated throughout the centuries and has a diversity of ethnic communities, consisting of Druze and Circassian (who still preserve their ancient traditions).  There are also Arab villages some with Muslim majorities and others mainly Christian.

Galilee sea view

There are national antiquity parks, lovely nature reserves and a number of interesting Jewish holy sites with ancient synagogues situated in both Tzfat and Tiberius.  The outstanding scenic beauty and surroundings together with the many places of interest to such a wide variety of visitors makes the Galilee region of Israel a must on the itinerary of all tourists to the Holy Land.

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