Golan Region – Israel

Israel’s mountainous Golan Heights region is situated in the north of the country. Its outstanding beauty and superb landscape, combined with attractive nature reserves and interesting archeological sites have made it one of the most visited parts of Israel.

Visitors to the Golan area will find a wide variety of activities available throughout the year in winter months skiing on the slopes of Mount Hermon and in spring and summer, enjoying the beauty of the multi colored flowers that cover the plains. Many hikers enjoy swimming in the many cool streams while generally enjoying the magnificent surrounding scenery.  The loveliness of the Golan is so enchanting that many tourists return over and over again.

Mount Hermon in the Golan in Winter
Photo: www.goisrael.com


For those interested in history the Golan is an area of continual enthrallment, with its Crusader castles and Roman fortresses and for pilgrims this is the place where Jesus spent his last moments before leaving on his last journey to Jerusalem.  A number of miracles also took place here and it is the place where Jesus bestowed the stewardship of the Kingdom of God on Peter.

Flowers in the North of Israel in Spring
Photo: www.goisrael.com

Also of interest is Gamla often referred to as the Masada of the North.  This ancient Jewish city was besieged by the Romans in 67 CE.  According to the writings of Josephus, when the Romans overcame the walls of the city, the remaining 9000 inhabitants fought until they reached the top of the cliffs when they threw themselves into the gorge below.


Gamla Ridge in the Golan - Israel
Photo: www..goisrael.com

In 1976 the Golan Area was found to be ideal for the growing of grapes for quality wine and today there are many outstanding wineries that tourists to Israel can visit and taste the excellent internationally acclaimed wines that are available.

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