City of David – Jerusalem

One of the most exciting sites to see during a Holy Land tour is the ancient City of David. This is the place where King David established his kingdom and is the birthplace of the City of Jerusalem.  King David established his capital at this place in the year 1004 BCE and where the people of Israel were united under his rule.

The City of David is the place where the Holy Ark was brought and where the first temple was built by King Solomon.  It is situated only a short walk away from the Western Wall and borders the Kidron valley to the east and it is here that visitors from around the world come to see, what is now an archeological park, that tells the story of the founding of Jerusalem. It is here also that you can learn about the City’s wars and difficult times, its kings and prophets and especially about the history of the Jews during Biblical times.

City of David
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The remnants of the city can be seen amongst the ancient stones forming the pathways between the buildings and the archeological ruins reveal the large extravagant houses that signify the high social status of the residents of the city.

The tunnel of Shiloh is a captivating and phenomenal engineering achievement that extends for 533 meters from the city and carved through solid rock during the time of King Hezkiyahu. Visitors are able to walk through the partially water filled  tunnel to come out at the pools of Shiloh.
The historical relevance of the City of David and its remains have made it an important site for visitors to the Holy Land.

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