Caesarea Philippi – Banias

The beautiful Banias Nature Reserve in the Northern Galilee area of Israel includes the archeological site of Caesarea Philippi.  The striking Banias Waterfall is also located in this place of outstanding natural beauty.  In the scriptures Caesarea Philippi is mentioned as the site where Jesus demanded that his disciples tell him who people were saying he was.

Caesarea Philippi
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Visitors to the Holy Land will find, when visiting this place, that any misconceptions they had about all of Israel being a desert, were incorrect, after seeing the luxuriant green surroundings in this Northern Nature Reserve. The name Banias is derived from Panias after the God Pan, but later after the Romans conquered the area, a temple was built by King Herod and dedicated to Augustus Caesar.  Later Phillip (Herod’s son) changed the name to Caesarea Philippi, which is the New Testament name for Banias, and it was at this place that “Jesus charged  Peter with founding he Church” (Matt. 16 13-20)

Roman Shrine remains
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The cave and the remnants of Herod’s temple can be viewed by visitors. The graveside of the Druze Saint Nebe Hader can also be reached by walking along a short path. There is also a trail to the Banias waterfall.

The area of Banias is a relaxing and beautiful place for tourists to the Holy Land to spend time during their visit.

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