Beit Shean

The Beit Shean national park is situated on the north side of the modern city of Beit She’an in the south east corner of the Galilee.   Many visitors from around the world during their tours and pilgrimages to the Holy Land are fascinated by the archeological remains of this ancient Biblical city.

This major Biblical city which over time expanded into the large Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine city of Scythopolis was destroyed by a huge earthquake in the 8th century AD and remained in ruins until archeological excavations were recently undertaken and continue to reconstruct this fascinating city.
Amongst some of the many impressive discoveries including the antiquities of this ancient and important city is the amazing and surprisingly well preserved Roman Theater which contained as many as 7000 seats.  Visitors can also view a sensational audio-visual presentation about the extremely interesting development of the city of Beit Shean throughout the ages.

roman theatre
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Also of great interest is the modern city of Beit Shean. Walking through this city is like a walk through time as scattered amongst the modern residential and public buildings and shopping centers, visitors will notice ancient buildings, amazing archeological sites and equally remarkable ruins.
Visiting this impressive archeological site and equally interesting modern city will be an experience that will be appreciated by all visitors during their Holy Land tour.

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