How to Spend an Enjoyable Day at the Dead Sea

I highly doubt that anyone reading this post has the Dead Sea on his top 5 destination list. Well, I’m pretty sorry for that fact, as the Dead Sea is one of the coolest places you’ll experience. We’re here to change your mind! Many people think that the Dead Sea is a hole in the middle of nowhere, but in reality, it is just a one hour bus journey away from Jerusalem. You can easily spend a day at the Dead Sea by travelling a short trip from Jerusalem.
Once you are at the Dead Sea, you have many things to enjoy. The Dead Sea Spa is one of the most popular places to visit. It is located approximately 100 yards from the sea. You can walk from the spa to the shoreline. The shoreline is soft sand, however, you can’t walk here barefooted because of the salt mixed in the sand, which will bite or irritate the skin of your feet. Therefore, you must wear sandals before starting the walk. The water of the Dead Sea is the saltiest water on the planet, allowing you to easily float on the water without effort. After completing your swim, you can go back to the spa and smear the famous mud of the Dead Sea all over your body. Afterwards, taking a nice hot shower will leave you feeling completely refreshed. After all this, a meal at one of the incredible Dead Sea restaurants is a must.


Did you know that the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth? I bet you didn’t. The air in this region contains 95% more oxygen than anywhere else and is considered to be one of the healthiest places in the world. If you want to go shopping, the best idea would be to buy mineral beauty products made from the mineral contents of the Dead Sea. The common minerals that the Sea contains are boron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium and much more.



Spending a day at the Dead Sea can really turn your tour to the Holy Land from great to spectacular. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip today!

Visiting the Old City of Jerusalem

Planning on a new family vacation? Consider going back to your roots, I recommend Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the only religious center sacred to people of all the three monotheistic religions- Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Religious pilgrims from nearly all countries of the world gather in this holy masterpiece and wonder its sites.

Old City walls of Jerusalem

What would a Jerusalem trip offer you? Visiting the Old City of Jerusalem will bring you to your knees as it takes you through its incredible traditional pathways. No city has ever been loved or fought for as this place has. Having previously been the capital of Judah, this holy city has been besieged by different forces approximately forty times. From the birth of the State of Israel in 1948 until 1967, the city remained divided into two parts. Nowadays, Jerusalem is a city of museums, art, culture and religion.  This city is now full of mystical attractiveness and offers you endless fascination. As the curiosity is probably starting to build on you, let’s get a sneak peek into what the old city has to offer us.


Upon arriving at the holy city, one can find a handful of breathtaking, thrilling religious destinations. One of the flag religious destinations you must see is the Temple Mount and its Western Wall. This holy Western Wall is the place of the old Jewish Temple, where Jews today go and put their wish notes inside the cracked walls.

Western Wall Jerusalem

If you’re going to go to Jerusalem anytime soon, begin making that wish list of yours! As Jerusalem is also the birthplace of Christianity, it is also their most sacred city, allowing you to take a walk inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. This amazing city, which gives every visitor a glance to the past, has definitely passed its hard times, with rulers of many different religions having tried to implement their religious beliefs.

Managing to find an affordable plan to Jerusalem used to be an almost impossible task, whereas today many tour operators in Israel are making this dream possible. So, if you have some free time in your hands and want to get an affordable glance at ancient times, consider taking an important visit to the old city of Jerusalem!

The Most Exciting and Enjoyable Activities in Eilat

Let’s get down to business – We all fantasize about the best resorts out there. Well, we got another one for you – Eilat! Eilat is the most popular resting place in Israel. Situated at the southernmost tip of the country, Eilat is the most popular tourist city of local populatiion in Israel. A handful of exciting and breathtaking activities are available for any tourist. Some of the great features Eilat has to offer include the beautiful beaches, first-class hotels, restaurants, seafront bars and the desert treks. The beautiful underwater world, the beauty of the beaches and the coral reefs will give you that sparkling relaxation you’re looking for.

Photo: Ministry of Tourism

There are so many attractions in the resort that we can only name a few. Timna National Park is one of the best attractions you’ll find. Surrounded by yellow mountains on three sides, this spectacular valley has ancient copper mines. The desert landscape is without a doubt an incredible archeological site. There are also many trails to walk on. The Dolphin Reef is one of the attractions you should not miss either diving with dolphins or just relaxing on the beautiful beach. If you wish, you can swim in the water out to the end of the reef. In Eilat, there is always an enjoyable beautiful day out with something to do for everyone.

Dilphins in Eilat
Photo: Ministry of Tourism

The botanical garden of Eilat is another great attraction of Israel. It is an incredibly beautiful place. This used to be the land which the Israeli military used for training. The old trenches are still visible. The landscape of this botanical is natural, not artificially made. Some other great attractions in Eilat are Coral World, Underwater Observatory Marine Park, Red Canyon, Coral Beach Nature Reserve, Princess Beach, Aqua Beach, Hai Bar Biblical Wildlife Reserve, Eilat Marina, Harbor Bridge, Red Sea Yacht, Amazing World, Kings City, Camel Ranch Eilat, and “What’s Up” Observatory.

Anyone booking a tour to Israel would be missing out if they did not include Eilat in their trip. In Eilat they will enjoy fascinating attractions that would blow them away. Any more specific details on the attractions offered by this great city can be easily found online, though nothing is better than booking a trip and experiencing it yourself!

Visit Tel Aviv and Jaffa: Get a Touch of the Old and the New

We all love contrasts. Whether it is yes and no or black and white, contrasts are everywhere. A perfect example of that are the two cities Tel Aviv and Jaffa in the Holy Land. On one side, you got a modern era city, filled with coffee places and malls at every corner, and a nightlife that never sleeps (aka “The 24 hour city) and on the other hand there’s a more ancient city, filled with religious concepts and rituals and historical figures. Let’s face it – both are a great touristic destination. Though, what will you get out of each city? We are going to present just that!

Tel Aviv is Israel’s’ second most populous city, holding a population of about 400,000 people. Founded in 1909, Tel Aviv is located just on the country’s Mediterranean coastline. So, what can you expect from Tel Aviv? You can expect a lot! First of all, Tel Aviv is one of the most popular international tourist destinations. Everyone who visits Tel Aviv knows that they have to check out the city’s restaurants, bars, beaches, cafes, shopping malls, parks and just its general 24 hour culture. Tel Aviv is also  the economic hub of the country with a large business and office area.

Tel Aviv Beach
 Photo: Ministry of tourism


What about Jaffa? Well, Jaffa is actually incorporated with Tel Aviv, creating the Tel Aviv-Jaffa city, though, they are practically separated today. Having its ancient port, Jaffa is believed to probably be one of the oldest cities in the world. Although the city has far less attractions to offer in comparison with Tel Aviv, you can still find interesting sites. Some of these sites include the various mosques, such as the Al-Bahr mosque and the Mahmoudia mosque. Another great landmark is the Clock Square, containing its unique clock tower and governor’s palace. For all those museum lovers out there, Jaffa hasn’t forgotten about you, offering its own Jaffa Museum. There is also the Artists quarter to stroll around in and have lunch at one of the many wonderful restaurants in the port in Old Jaffa overlooking the beautiful blue sea or just wandering around the cobblestone alleyways in the evening with the whole of Old Jaffa lit up.

Jaffa Israel
Photo: Ministry of Tourism


At the end of the day, it all depends on your personality and taste. If you are looking to have a good time and party, Tel Aviv is the place for you. For those interested in more religious and historical sites, Jaffa is a great option as well.

When you plan your tour to the Holy Land I highly recommend spending a few days exploring Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

What to do in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is mentioned in most of the holy books. Having great spiritual and religious power, the real question is – What are we going to do there? Good question indeed. The answer is plenty. One might think that the oldest city in the world cannot be very attractive, but that is a very common misconception. Jerusalem, being the capital of Israel, has plenty of amazing sites to see, just waiting for you to come and see them! Let’s begin, shall we?

First off – Let’s mention the fact that Jerusalem is home to many religions. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the main religions that have a strong base in the city. Upon entering the city, anyone can immediately feel the special vibe in the air. The mixture of the fabulous ancient home designs and the different populations give the visitor a sense of going back in time.

If you’re Jewish, you would probably want to start off the trip with a stop at the Western Wall. This wall has a long history, having been used as the biggest and main Jewish temple for centuries. Being open 24 hours a day, this site is the ideal tourist stop for a Jewish or any other curious visitor.

Western Wall Jerusalem
Western Wall

Christians visiting the city would most likely have their primary visit at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.  The courtyard present outside this magnificent church is supported by a big, vault cistern, with the northern wall of the cistern being unbelievably impressive.

Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Courtyard of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Muslims visiting Jerusalem are bound to go to the Temple Mount (Haram Es-Sharif in Arabic) and the al-Aksa mosque, one of their most holy sites. Muslims show their devotion to God in the Dome of the Rock, which was constructed just around the rock of which Abraham had bound his son Isaac in order to be sacrificed.

Jerusalem has a handful of religious sites. More of them are the Jerusalem museums, King David’s tomb, Mount Moriah, Yad Vashem and many more! Whether you are Jewish, Christian or Muslim, Jerusalem has got a lot prepared for you to see. Book a trip to Jerusalem as soon as you have the chance, you won’t regret it!